Real Estate Acquisition & Due Diligence

Ventra7 provides 3D scanning and virtual mapping services for residential, commercial, and public markets throughout the nation.

We provide services for a large range of customers including:

  • property owners

  • real estate developers

  • architects, engineers, and construction professionals

Our scanning helps identify risks and helps budget and plan for the property prior to purchase that is central to your real estate transaction.

Take the building online to analyze, plan, design, or build.

Inspect the current condition and layout to determine whether the property was built according to code, see if the property is structurally sound, or evaluate the property’s interior or exterior to determine items for repair.

With Ventra7’s 3D scanning, you’ll be able to streamline documentation, floor plans, modeling, and collaborate with ease. Taking the asset digital ultimately helps reduce costs and will save time and resources.

Trillion-dollar asset class remains largely offline
Agree scanning is the future of Due Diligence
Faster than typical lidar scanners
The V7 Scanning & Virtual Advantage

Our 3D data platform is the most powerful, accurate, and quickest way to document a building or property. With our professional services, we can capture anything from small to large spaces with the highest level of detail.

  • Global Scalability

  • Digitizes costly, slow, and inefficient site survey process

  • Delivers measurement data accuracy within 20mm

  • Define potential liabilities and budgets

  • Estimate effect on project cost and schedule

  • Evaluate on-site / off-site conditions

  • Feasibility of goals and objectives

Taking property insights and analytics to new heights

We’re helping transform buildings into valuable data, and this data, in turn, helps increase the value of your purchase.

Due diligence may only last 2-3 months, although it’s a critical time in the investment’s lifecycle. The decisions made in this process can affect the property for many years ahead.

By investing and working more efficiently with Ventra7, we help reduce expenses and speed the pace of value-add improvements. We remain laser-focused on maximizing the return on investment.

Ventra7 is an experiential real estate & property management firm. Our core competency resides at the intersection of real estate, technology, architecture, data science and marketing. Though experts in our domains, we are, more importantly, united by our mission to reduce the waste in underutilized real estate space while bringing awareness to the built environment.