3D Scanning Services


With our advanced 3D cameras we’re able to capture HDR 4K quality images and depth data. It only takes one Ventra7 shoot to get your space digitized, and once on the web you can customize, share and publish anywhere. Our process is simple. We capture spatial data and render it into a 3D space simultaneously. We then transfer it into a V7 platform where the 3D walkthrough can be modified. After the 3D model is ready it can be shared and played on any device. This will increase collaboration, productivity and development your customer engagement and reach. The data from the 3D model can also be used in various other platforms like CAD, websites, and more.

  • 1. 3D Scanning

  • 2. Photography

  • 3. Hosting

  • 4. Tagging

  • 5. Floor Plans

    • $150-250* for Spaces up to 5,000 ft²
    • $250-500* for Spaces up to 10,000 ft²
    • $500-1000* for Spaces over 10,000 ft² and less than 25,000 ft² are charged as two orders
    • Provided in 4-5 business days
    • Delivered in a ZIP file and includes PNG and PDFs
    • Each floor delivered in PNG format as a separate file
    • All floors together delivered in one PDF
    • Rooms not scanned will not be included in the area calculation
    • Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1-3%
    • Spaces over 25,000 ft² per floor, not included in these estimations.
    • *Pricing is subject to change without notice

3D Scans by Ventra7 are perfect for use in for Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, Travel and Hospitality, Insurance, and Facility Management.

Our Experts

Napp Da

Business Development Director Experience & Hospitality

Zeeshan Moha

Managing Architect


Optimize the potential in the places you work, live, and play by using our cutting edge technology to bring your built environment into the digital landscape.

  • Turn spaces into an accurate and immersive digital model

  • Annotate notes and highlight features

  • Measure any part within your space

  • Provide guided tours

  • Reduce the time spent on manual tasks

  • Promote your space to anyone worldwide


Ventra7 3D Basics Checklist
(PDF, 1416 KB)


What is a Ventra7 3D space?

A Ventra7 space is a complete, 3D representation of a real-world location. We use innovative technology to stitch together 2d imagery and 3D data. When the space is uploaded online it can be accessed on a desktop or mobile web browser, and in virtual reality systems.

What kind of platform is the space?

We combine reliable hosting and an industry standard web player to showcase your location. We create a complete ecosystem for businesses to leverage 3D models of real places.

What industries does Ventra7 work with?

Ventra7 3D shooting can be used on any location but some of the industries we work with is property marketing, construction, and facility Management. 

Do you do more than 3D?

Absolutely, depending on your needs we can generate 2d prints, photography, video and more.

How long does shooting take?

In our experience it takes 35 minutes to scan about 2,000 square feet. Scan time can vary based on the complexity of the space and the intended use.

Does the scan work with Autocad software?

A download in OBJ can be made available and contains 3D mesh and textures.

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